So a combination of two Tweets made me go to thinking mode the other day. The first one asked: "What would you do/think if Twitter didn't exist tomorrow?" And the second one: "I'll leave Twitter in the coming weeks - 140 characters aren't enough."

Twitter is the hot stuff right now but what if people suddenly really started to realize they aren't that happy with the service? What would happen then?

Imaging somebody would come up with a open, decentralized protocol that does pretty much the same thing as Twitter does only, well - better.

In my humble opinion that is what would happen: Somebody would come up with something better that allows you to do the same stuff. Who knows that might even be Google Wave. The three important factors are: open, decentralized and in one word better.

The service that Twitter provides will probably, over time replace blogs and even a few instant messaging protocols. Or perhaps it will merge with XMPP's pub/sub capability. (Which would be quite cool - why has nobody seen the potential of XMPP yet?) At least that is my prediction.