So the other day I bought VoodooPad. Yes I actually paid money for it. If you knew me you would know that means something.

First you have to know that I'm a huge fan of wikis. They just have something about them that helps me being creative. Write something, see something, link something, write something and so on. But up to now I never found the perfect wiki for me. Well dokuwiki comes close but, you know, its written in PHP and it doesn't use a database backend.

Furthermore web stuff always feels sluggish to me. Sure with all that hip new AJAX stuff things are quite smooth these days and still there always is a slight delay that starts bugging me after a while. Click, wait, click, wait, you get the idea.

Well with a desktop app you don't have that problem. Problem is a wiki isn't a desktop application - or so I thought. Turns out there are quite a few wikis that are intended for desktop use. Most are written in JavaScript or something though which doesn't help me with my original problem. But there really are a few implemented as apps. And one of the original ones was VoodooPad.

And VoodooPad got all the good stuff. All the linky writy stuff I want. Plus: its a desktop application written in a real programming language. Oh: aaand its written for Macs. What more can one want? So I tell you to give it a try. There even is a free version in case you don't want to shell out any money. You got no excuses left. You know what to do.