For all of you who like me are getting a bit paranoid about Google these days and still would like to have the nice stuff that a tracker like that provides I got one nice tool for you: Piwik. This thingie tries to be the free, open source Google Analytics (they actually say that) and it actually comes pretty close for its price.

You just set it up once and can track an unlimited amount of other sites with your installation. All you need to do to set up another site is add a code snippet to the HTML. And from then on you can enjoy a whole torrent of information about the people visiting your site. Ever wanted to know if you're more attractive to wide screen users or the old regular type? With this thing you can.

Personally I enjoy using it a lot. I'm getting my feet wet with SEO and this tool helps a good bit with figuring out what the heck is going on with ones site.