These days I'm quite amused by all the rage about HTML5 and CSS3. Don't get me wrong I absolute am for it. There are so many hacks and 'techniques' around to archive stuff that should just be in there that sometimes people seem to forget that it could be different.

But people tend to get freak out about all the new features and possibilities and all those new buzzwords (CSS! HTML5! columns! rounded corners! world peace!) that their seem to forget that all that is nice and surely a Good Thing™ but it all will lead to nothing as long as IE6 and 7 are around and need to be supported.

So my proposal: why don't we first stop to support IE6. Because the more new stuff we get the more work we will have to make it all work in the crappy legacy browsers. And don't give me that 'oh but when we don't support IE6 our customers will go somewhere else!'. That is why I said we. If support for IE6 is dropped globally (or at least reduced to a minimum) then we all will be well. And all those poor webdevs that have to write horrible hacks for IE6 will be able to ride their pink ponies all day long.