So I will say this and then I'll be out of the whole Mac/PC flamewar again.

For all those people that constantly complain about how super expansive Macs are and that you can get a PC with the same specs considerably cheaper I want to give you two things to think about.

Firstly: Did you ever really calculate things through? Go on pop up the specs table of all the current Macs and then try to get a PC that has the same CPU (not hard), same RAM (sure why not), GPU (don't make me laugh) same HD (erm... a 2.5" in a desktop?), Screen (PVA please), in case of a notebook the battery (5/7 hours that is) all the other stuff (built in Bluetooth, WiFi, IR, webcam, Firewire and good keyboard and mouse etc.) in a case that is of similar quality (full Aluminum) and try to get the newest Windows (Vista I guess) on top of it. No, really - go ahead and let me know what price you get.

Secondly: If you don't want a Mac because it's too expansive for your taste I can absolutely understand you. Macs aren't cheap. Though they aren't really that expansive either for their quality either. If you are one of those people that are hobby craftsmen you will want good tools. You will be willing to spend more on a good tool set than other people most likely. Nobody would argue that good tools are to expansive, right? Think about that for a second.

And now if you are still willing to keep the argument up with stuff like 'but why won't they release a cheap Mac for the people that don't need all the bells and whistles?' I answer this: Why would they? Apple wants (in my opinion) to sell stuff that just works no matter what you want to do with it. That's their thing. And if that isn't the thing you want I beg you to keep your frustration to you or do some sports - I hear that helps.