Rails is great. At least better than anything I know that is done with PHP. PHP is really some nasty stuff. Seems like more and more people realize that and jump on the Ruby on Rails band wagon. Well since everybody else says its that great it has to be, no?

Sadly somehow most are missing Django. At least here in Germany. Some have heard of it and but nearly nobody has really worked with it. Which I find rather sad personally. Rails is great in many ways but there are just as many things that just don't feel right or make stuff harder than it should be. But nobody has noticed that yet since nobody dares to try something else than the stuff that is hyped beyond any reason right now.

I can't resist a chuckle when people tell me, all thrilled: "In the new version of Rails they have X!" Cause most of the time I'm thinking: "Heh, didn't Django have that when I started to use it already?"